The Fishing with Max Addon

What is it?
The Fishing with Max addon was created initially for my own personal use. I wanted a way to capture data on fish all across Azeroth. While I was fishing, I would sometimes run into problems - like forgetting to visit a trainer when it was time - so I would add a feature to the addon to help me with that. Other problems, like getting me another drink, are still on the list. After accumulating some data I decided it would be a lot easier to write a web application to manage the data instead of doing it in an addon, and Fishing With Max was born.

Current Features
The Fishing with Max addon has the following features:

  • Visual and audio reminders on when it is time to visit your fishing trainer.
  • Collects data on each fish you catch.
  • Let's you set what kind of node you are fishing to track your catches with more detail.
  • Upload your data to the Fishing with Max site and be part of our global network of fisherman contributing data to the site.
  • See the current auction value of items you have caught.

As you fish data about each catch is managed and saved automatically each time you end a World of Warcraft session. If you want to upload your data on the site you will need to Register if you haven't already. Once you have registered, log in and choose the "Upload" option. From there you will get specific instructions about how to locate and upload your Fishing With Max database. Once it is uploaded, you can see data on each of your characters.

Like all software, we will add features that seem like they would be helpful. If you have things you would like to see, send Max an email:

How to use the Addon
Using the Fishing with Max addon is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Install the addon
  2. Start the game
  3. Fish!
The addon has a few options that you should be familiar with:
Command What it does
/ff node OR /fwm node Sets the note you are currently fishing. Yes, I know this is a pain but the Blizzard API doesn't currently provide a way to transparently decide whether you are fishing in open water or in a pool. If you want to be able to do good analysis on your fishing data I strongly reccommend that you get used to setting this.
/ff save OR /fwm save Saves your current in-game fishing data to the database. From there you can upload it to the site. Saving doesn't overwrite existing data, it just adds to it. NOTE: You don't have to save unless you want to stay in-game while you upload to the website. Every time you exit the game, your data gets saved automatically.
/ff reset OR /fwm reset Clears your in-game Fishing with Max database. All data you have collected on your computer for the account you are logged in on is cleared. Data you have uploaded on the website is not affected. Why do this? If you fish a lot, you will have collected a lot of data. Once it is uploaded on the website it makes sense to clear it out as it may speed up your UI load times.