Leveling Fishing

The Fast Way...
Before you start, do you remember grinding furlborgs endlessly for days to get friendly wth the Timbermaw? No? How about the time you just HAD to switch from Aldor faction to Scryers, and had the pleasure of slaying untold numbers of basilisks for Dampscale Basilisk Eyes. If you remember these long grinds, then you have an idea what it will be like to level fishing. It may be faster than killing a gazillion basilisks, but considering it may take more than 1600 casts to get to max level, plan accordingly.

Unlike grinding Timbermaw rep or Scryer faction fishing will always have some level of reward for you. No serious player of the game doesn't have fishing maxed on at least one character. If I were you, I'd just go ahead and commit to getting the Salty title now.

You need to be at least a level 5 character, and if you plan to level to 600 you will need the Mists of Pandaria expansion. You will also need gold to pay for your training: about 140g should cover it.

Let's Get Started
Here are the steps to level quickly, with almost no downtime:

  1. Find a Fishing Trainer standing close to water.
  2. Train Apprentice Fishing. Do it.
  3. Fish the open water next to the trainer you selected in step #1.
  4. IMPORTANT: Pay close attention to your skill level. Use the table below as a guide.
  5. That's all you need to do! Cast, catch something, level up (maybe), repeat.

WoW Fishing Ranks and Trainers
Rank Min. Skill Max. Skill Trainers
Apprentice - 75 All Trainers
Journeyman 50 150 All Trainers
Expert 125 225 All Trainers
Artisan 200 300 All Trainers
Master 275 375 All Trainers
Grand Master 350 450 All Trainers
Illustrious 425 525 All Trainers
Zen Master 500 600 All Trainers

Or... Use Our Addon
One way to always remember to visit your trainer is to use our fishing addon, aptly named - Fishing With Max. It will remind you when it's time to stop fishing and visit a trainer. It also collects data about every fish you catch on each of your characters. You can upload that data here on our site, and get statistics on fish you have caught, current auction house prices for your catch, and more! For more information see the Fishing With Max Addon page.