Trainers and Training

Finding a Trainer
To start fishing as a profession all you need to do is visit a Fishing Trainer. There is a trainer in each capital city, each starting zone (except for the Wandering Isle) and others are scattered across Azeroth.

At level 1 fishing you can catch fish anywhere. Here is a table with the list of fishing ranks, skill levels, and where you can train at min level:
Fishing Ranks and Trainers
Rank Min. Skill Max. Skill Trainers
Apprentice - 75 All Trainers
Journeyman 50 150 All Trainers
Expert 125 225 All Trainers
Artisan 200 300 All Trainers
Master 275 375 All Trainers
Grand Master 350 450 All Trainers
Illustrious 425 525 All Trainers
Zen Master 500 600 All Trainers

Remember - when leveling always visit a fishing trainer when you reach the minimum skill level for each rank.

Shameless Plug
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