What's Fishing with Max about?

I know, there are a pile of World of Warcraft profession sites out there. In that pile there are more than a few sites dedicated to fishing- likely the least popular profession. Of the sites out there the best of the best is El's Extreme Anglin'. It is a wellspring of well-researched information, presented in an informative and entertaining way. I recommend it highly.

Another great guide, written by Enarka, the Fishy Gnome is: An Angler's Journey: The Extreme Angling Collection Guide. It too is entertaining, and full of interesting information.

So then, why do this? Simple - variety, and the challenge. I have been an active player on various US realms since June 2006. In that time I have experienced most everything you can experience in-game except - I hadn't invested a minute seriously leveling my fishing skill on any of the characters I played. So it began- and it was difficult, and I was hooked. Just fishing wasn't enough for me; I wanted to look at the data behind the work I was doing and there just wasn't any, or it was confusing or hard to get to.

When I'm not playing World of Warcraft I write software professionally. I wound up needing to write some code to make it easier to gather the information I wanted about fishing in each of the zones, and save it for use later. It occurred to me others may want to do the same thing, so Fishing With Max was born. My addon captures detailed imformation about each fish caught, and services on this site process that data and manage a growing database of information. I hope you find what I have put together easy to use, and helpful.